Caribbean Island


Caribbean Getaway

Historically, the islands of the Caribbean were once known as the West Indies by the many European explorers who stepped onto their shores. Islands such as Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands were colonized by the British, while others such as Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles with the islands of Curacao and Guadeloupe were colonized by the Dutch. Many of the inhabitants speak English and this makes the Caribbean a popular tourist spot for many Americans. Europeans also vacation in the islands because of their natural beauty and sandy beaches.

If you are looking for a special getaway, the Caribbean Islands may be calling. This is a vast region. There may be islands that you did not realize were in the Caribbean. Each has its own unique and distinctive feel.

There are some islands that may have warnings or safety alerts issued by the federal government. Some of the most Caribbean Getawaypopular vacation spots are the Bahamas, Jamaica, U. S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Before you decide on a vacation spot, you should look at a map of the area and do a bit of research on the country. You will need a passport and you may need a visa for some of the countries. There is a lot to do on each island with many places to explore and activities to keep you busy.

A trip to the Caribbean is an experience that involves all the senses: the smells and taste of the food, the music you hear, the places you see, and the touch and feel of exotic plants and the people around you. You can find bargain rates for trips and luxurious resorts. You can fly to a particular island and spend your time there or you can take a Caribbean cruise and visit several islands.

Planning your trip will be fun. But, the most fun will be the experience of the trip and the memories you have of a wonderfully, pleasing vacation.